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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cheese Fondue - Have You Experienced Cheese Fondue?

Cheese fondue is a delicious hot cheese sauce used for dipping a variety of foods into. This can be bread, vegetables, or meats. The concept is generally used for a fun get together but it was actually introduced in Switzerland. In the winter they had a hard time finding enough food. They often had to survive on old cheese and stale bread. They learned that heating up the cheese and dipping the bread in it gave it a much better taste.

Over time the added other items they had to the cheese including herbs, spices, and even wines. They soon had a variety of wonderful cheese fondue recipes of their very own. During the summer months when food was in better supply they enjoyed dipping fruits, vegetables, and meats into the cheese.

The concept of cheese fondue for the Swiss people has certainly changed over the past 50 years. It is now considered a fun way to eat instead of a method of eating to survive the conditions.

The famous recipes in circulation now for cheese fondue originated in various regions of Switzerland. In Geneva they loved Gruyere, Emmental, and Walliser Bergikase. Those in the Eastern part of the country preferred Appenzeller and Vacherin cheese. They also added dry cider for a tangy variation.

The proper way to serve cheese fondue for your guests is to have everything laid out. You will need skewers for dipping and a large pot on a stand so you can place heat below it. You want the cheese mixture to be heated thoroughly before anyone starts dipping their selection of ingredients into the pot.

You can serve any types of foods you want with your fondue. Offer a nice variety of foods that have already been cut into small pieces. For a delicious desert you can serve chocolate fondue with fruits to dip into the melted chocolate sauce.

By Caleb Liu

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