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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Onion Cheese Ball Recipe

For this recipe you will need a package of onion soup mix, two bars of cream cheese (brought to room temperature), and additional herbs of your choice. In a large bowl, mix the onion soup mix and the cream cheese. Some people prefer to add a teaspoon of freshly chopped dill (or herb of your choice). Mix the ingredients thoroughly together by hand. Place on a plate and wrap with clear cellophane.

You may want to
add a box, or sleeves, of crackers to the gift. Wrap the crackers in seasonal gift paper. You can add a festive bow to the top of the cheese ball, and tie a matching ribbon around the crackers. The cheese ball tastes better when made at least one day ahead of serving.

You can also find lovely serving dishes to put the cheese ball on. Crystal plates and mirrors make unique receptacles to serve the cheese ball on. Brighten up the recipe by placing olives or salad tomatoes around the bottom of the cheese ball. Shrimp can also add to the color scheme around the cheese ball. A bed of greens can be used under the cheese ball prior to serving. Choose a serving knife with a patterned handle to place in top of the ball. Holiday serving knives can be found at reasonable prices in specialty shops, and in department stores during the season. Adding these utensils to the gift will make them special. If you know the person well who will be receiving the gift, pick out a knife with a handle that reflects an activity that they enjoy such as music, hunting or sports.

By Carol French

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