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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brie Cheese - The Process for Making Brie Cheese

Brie Cheese is quite unusual and it comes from France where it got its namesake. The French still make Brie Cheese the same way today as they did in the 18th century. Both the commoners and the royalty of that era enjoyed the taste of Brie Cheese. It was always in demand for the ceremonies to offer tribute to the Royals of France.

Outside of France Brie Cheese is make in larger factories where the process is significantly industrialized and sped up. While the try hard to get the very same taste many cheese coniseurs claim you can definitely tell the difference in Brie Cheese that is made in France and that which is made in other places.

To make Brie Cheese, the curds are processed after they are firm. They are injected with a vaccination called a mold infusion. This mold will grow over a couple of weeks and this is where the taste of the Brie Cheese starts to change. The mold grows on the outside of the cheese and preserves the delicious taste inside of it. The white exterior of Brie Cheese has made it quite famous in many parts of the world.

Brie Cheese is commonly sold in one or two kilogram wheels. Some retailers will sell it in smaller wedges as a courteously to customers. There are several varieties of Brie Cheese including plain, herb, and others with combinations of milk products.

It is made from cow’s milk but many people are hesitant to try it because of the grayish color it has. Brie Cheese has a very soft and smooth texture to it. It has a rind on it that doesn’t taste like anything. It is actually a white mold that you can eat without getting sick but since it has no flavor many people pass it up.

Many people say Brie Cheese tastes very similar to wild mushrooms. For the best taste Brie Cheese should be allowed to sit at room temperature for an hour before serving. It is often served with berries, nuts, salads, and on hamburgers.

By Caleb Liu

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